Thailand: the best guide of the country is Spanish

Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It has almost everything: many things to see, amazing excursions, extraordinary monuments, temples, spiritual cities, paradisiacal beaches, exhuberant gastronomy and very competitive prices if you travel with euros or dollars.

Actually, traveling to Thailand is ‘the trip’ par excellence. So if you have not yet gone, save what you can and leave. You will not regret.

This guide is everything: from basic tips such as, where to change money and how to make your phone work normally, to where to eat, buy or what to see. All with the real experience of having stepped on the ground. What else do you want?

Preparing the trip

Preparing a trip well is essential for any tourist with or without experience because through this analysis and preparation not only prevent problems, but you make the most of your time, which in a city as big as Bangkok, for example, is fundamental.


But the first thing you ask yourself when you’re going to travel to Southeast Asia is what vaccines you have to put on and what precautions you should take to avoid falling ill.

In this sense, what we advise you is that you go to the international vaccination center of your country where they will advise you the most appropriate depending on the days of stay and the areas you are going to visit.

The normal thing is that if you are not going to enter through the jungle areas of the north, where malaria is endemic, you will not have to get this vaccination so bloody because of its side effects.

So, we already told you that if you have not been vaccinated against tetanus for more than a decade, you will have to get this vaccine, as well as hepatitis A (and hepatitis B if you go for sex tourism).

In addition, it is advisable (although it only has a 70% efficiency) the typhoid vaccine that is taken orally and in three times. In addition to this we advise you to take only fruit that can be peeled and bottled water (also to wash your teeth).

A safe country

And having said that, to enjoy. Thailand is a safe country, so except for normal precautions, there are no problems in this regard.

That yes, they are very, very monarchical (military rulers are supposed to be until next March in which there will be elections) and they have devotion for Buddha.

If you respect both aspects, they will respect you. Now the semester of the Monsoon is over, so the time becomes stable, the high season begins and the prices go up but, what do you want me to say: we would live in Thailand. That says everything. Are you coming?


1🔜 Essential Tips.In this chapter you have where to eat, the best place to exchange currency, how to get around … and a host of ‘tricks’ that will help you move and enjoy without problems and will contribute decisively to your stay is perfect.

Each euro/dollar is exchanged for 40 baths

What to see

2🔜 What to see in Bangkok.Visiting Buddhist temples is, without doubt, one of the best things that can be done in Bangkok. It is one of the attractions of the city and you should not miss it for anything in the world. The Grand Palace, the reclining Buddha, the Chinatown … all essential

Where to eat

3🔜 Where to eat (in Bangkok). Eating in Bangkok can be a great adventure and an unforgettable experience, not only because the street food locals roam freely on any street or alley, but because both Singapore, here you can find the best cuisine an food in AsiaWhere to eat (in

Eating out in Bangkok can be a great adventure and an unforgettable experience, not only because the street food locals roam freely on any street or alley, but because next to Singapore you can find the best cuisine in Asia (with permission from Shanghai) and Hong Kong)

Il Fumo

4🔜 Il Fumo. When Portugal merges with Thailand.This restaurant is one of the surprises of Bangkok. Surprise until you realize that the Portuguese have taken place for many years sailing and trading along these coasts. In the Fumo the chef, Nelson Amorin, manages to merge what seems impossible. A highly recommended place.


5🔜 Markets and Shopping  One of the attractions of Thailand and, specifically of its capital, Bangkok, are purchases. Although most of the items are imitation or rough copies arrived from China, its low price makes it very difficult not to buy. And among all Chatuchak stands out, in Bangkok with more than 15,000 positions .Do you come shopping?


6🔜 Ayutthaya and the Floating Market. Ayutthaya and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market are two of the excursions that you can take to the outskirts of Bangkok. Essential? They are, but there are times that, due to lack of time, it is only possible to make one of them, or, in the worst case, none. In case this happens, we will take you there and you will choose which one interests you the most.

Chiang Mai

7🔜 Chiang Mai, the rose of the north. Chiang Mai (pronounced Chenmai) is the most important northern capital of Thailand. Located about 700 km. north of Bangkok, it is also known as the north rose. In this chapter we also give you advice on what to see, transport, where to try the best Khaosoi, Kantoke dinners, temples and, of course, elephants.

David’s Kitchen

8🔜David’s Kitchen ,the best restaurant in Chian Mai. David’s Kitchen 909 is not only the best restaurant in Chiang Mai (the city of elephants), but it has been among the 50 best restaurants in the world for years. Today her kitchen is run by one of the most famous chefs in the country, Chef O, who, under the loving gaze of David Gordon, develops all his talent.


9🔜 Phuket: Ten Things to do. Located in the southwest of Thailand, the Phuket island is famous for many reasons. And one of the most relevant is that it has the most awesome coastlines in Asia, with wonderful beaches like Maya Bay (although it is closed to tourism) or places as incredible as James Bond island in the bay of Phang Nga. There is also have fun in Patong Beach … and if the sun rises, the beauty of these landscapes are the top anywhere in the world.

Phi Phi Island

10🔜 Phi Phi island and the Phang Nga Bay.Visiting the islands of Phang Nga Bay, with James Bond rock at the head, and the archipelago of the Phi Phi islands are two of the essential excursions whether you travel to Phuket or Krabi, which are the preferred destinations of the South of Thailand.

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